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PROVIDER SHARE is a database of the top 1,000 HME providers, as measured by total Medicare reimbursement, in 330 key product categories. For 2022, users can track reimbursement information for more than 24,356 unique home medical equipment providers, representing roughly $4.7 billion in total reimbursement.

Provider Share Sample:

HME Databank - Provider Share Sample

List of included codes

ProductProduct Code
1 pc ost pou w built-in conv (A5057)A5057
1 pc ost pouch w filter (A5056)A5056
2 pc drainable ost pouch (A4413)A4413
Absorpt drg > 48 sq in w/o b (A6253)A6253
Absorpt drg >16 <=48 w/o bdr (A6252)A6252
Add pwr leg elevation (E1010)E1010
Adhesive remover per ounce (A4455)A4455
Adhesive remover wipes (A4365)A4365
Adhesive remover, wipes (A4456)A4456
Afo ankle gauntlet pre ots (L1902)L1902
Afo plastic (L1930)L1930
Afo pos solid ank plastic mo (L1960)L1960
Afo rig ant tib prefab tcf/= (L1932)L1932
Afo spiral prefabricated (L1951)L1951
Air fluidized bed (E0194)E0194
Albuterol non-comp unit (J7613)J7613
Alginate dressing <=16 sq in (A6196)A6196
Alginate drsg >16 <=48 sq in (A6197)A6197
Alginate drsg wound filler (A6199)A6199
Amb infusion pump mechanical (E0779)E0779
Appliance cleaner (A5131)A5131
Automatic ext defibrillator (E0617)E0617
Bedside drainage bag (A4357)A4357
Blood glucose monitor home (E0607)E0607
Blood glucose/reagent strips (A4253)A4253
Breast prosthes w/o adhesive (L8030)L8030
Breast prosthesis w adhesive (L8031)L8031
Budesonide non-comp unit (J7626)J7626
Cane adjust/fixed with tip (E0100)E0100
Cath insertion tray w/bag (A4354)A4354
Cath w/drainage 2-way latex (A4314)A4314
Catheter w/o bag 2-way latex (A4311)A4311
Cerv flex n/adj foam pre ots (L0120)L0120
Cerv sr 2pc thor ext pre ots (L0174)L0174
Cervical pneum trac equip (E0849)E0849
Cervical traction equipment (E0855)E0855
Collagen based wound filler (A6010)A6010
Collagen dressing <=16 sq in (A6021)A6021
Collagen drsg>16<=48 sq in (A6022)A6022
Collagen dsg wound filler (A6024)A6024
Commode chair non-electric (E0171)E0171
Commode chair with fixed arm (E0163)E0163
Composite drsg <= 16 sq in (A6203)A6203
Conductive garment for tens/ (E0731)E0731
Conform band n/s w<3"/yd (A6442)A6442
Conform band n/s w<=3"<5"/yd (A6443)A6443
Conform band n/s w<=5"/yd (A6444)A6444
Conform band s w <3"/yd (A6445)A6445
Conform band s w <=5"/yd (A6447)A6447
Conform band s w<=3" <5"/yd (A6446)A6446
Cont airway pressure device (E0601)E0601
Cont pas motion exercise dev (E0935)E0935
Coude tip urinary catheter (A4352)A4352
Cough stimulating device (E0482)E0482
Cpap full face mask (A7030)A7030
Cpm device, other than knee (E0936)E0936
Crutch underarm pair no wood (E0114)E0114
Custom breast prosthesis (L8035)L8035
Diab shoe for density insert (A5500)A5500
Disp fee inhal drugs/30 days (Q0513)Q0513
Disposable canister for pump (A7000)A7000
Disposable male external cat (A4349)A4349
Disposable sensor, cgm sys (A9276)A9276
Dme supply or accessory, nos (A9999)A9999
Drain ostomy pouch w/flange (A5063)A5063
Drainable pch ex wear convex (A4390)A4390
Drainable pch w ex wear barr (A4388)A4388
Drainable pch w st wear barr (A4389)A4389
Dry pressure mattress (E0184)E0184
Ef calorie dense>/=1.5kcal (B4152)B4152
Ef complet w/intact nutrient (B4150)B4150
Ef hydrolyzed/amino acids (B4153)B4153
Ef incomplete/modular (B4155)B4155
Ef ped caloric dense>/=0.7kc (B4160)B4160
Ef spec metabolic noninherit (B4154)B4154
Elec knee-shin swing/stance (L5856)L5856
Electro connect btw 2 sys (E2311)E2311
Electro connect btw control (E2310)E2310
Electrodes, pair (A4556)A4556
Endo knee-shin fluid swg/sta (L5828)L5828
Endo knee-shin frct swg & st (L5812)L5812
Energy storing foot (L5976)L5976
Enter feed supkit syr by day (B4034)B4034
Enter nutr inf pump any type (B9002)B9002
Enteral feed sup kit grav by (B4036)B4036
Enteral feed supp pump per d (B4035)B4035
Eo adj jt prefab custom fit (L3760)L3760
Expandable controller, initl (E2377)E2377
Ext amb infusn pump insulin (E0784)E0784
Ext breastprosthesis garment (L8015)L8015
Ext wear ost skn barr <=4sq" (A4407)A4407
Extension drainage tubing (A4331)A4331
External ambulatory infus pu (E0781)E0781
External receiver, cgm sys (A9278)A9278
Fixed patient lift system (E0640)E0640
Fld ped wc adjstabl w/o seat (E1238)E1238
Fld ped wc tltnspc w/o seat (E1234)E1234
Flex foot system (L5980)L5980
Flex-walk sys low ext prosth (L5981)L5981
Fluid circ cold pad w pump (E0218)E0218
Foam drg <=16 sq in w/border (A6212)A6212
Foam drg <16<=48 sq in w/o b (A6210)A6210
Foam drsg <=16 sq in w/o bdr (A6209)A6209
Folding ped wc adjustable (E1236)E1236
Folding ped wc tilt-in-space (E1232)E1232
Gastro/jejuno tube, std (B4087)B4087
Gauze <=16 in no w/sal w/o b (A6222)A6222
Gauze >16<=48 no w/sal w/o b (A6223)A6223
Gel pressure mattress pad (E0185)E0185
Gen use back cush wdth <22in (E2611)E2611
Gen w/c cushion wdth < 22 in (E2601)E2601
Head control proximity switc (E2330)E2330
Heavy duty wheeled walker (E0149)E0149
Hi freq chest wall oscil sys (E0483)E0483
High compres band w>=3"<5"yd (A6452)A6452
High strength ltwt whlchr (K0004)K0004
Ho bi thighcuffs w sprdr bar (L1652)L1652
Home vent invasive interface (E0465)E0465
Home vent multi-function (E0467)E0467
Home vent non-invasive inter (E0466)E0466
Hosp bed semi-electr w/ matt (E0260)E0260
Hosp bed total electr w/ mat (E0265)E0265
Humidifier heated used w pap (E0562)E0562
Hydrocolld drg <=16 w/o bdr (A6234)A6234
Hydrocolld drg >16<=48 w/o b (A6235)A6235
Impreg gauze no h20/sal/yard (A6266)A6266
Incontinence garment anytype (A4520)A4520
Indwelling catheter latex (A4338)A4338
Infusion supplies with pump (A4222)A4222
Insert tray w/o bag/cath (A4310)A4310
Inter limb compress dev nos (E0676)E0676
Intermittent urinary cath (A4353)A4353
Ipratropium bromide non-comp (J7644)J7644
Irrigation syringe (A4322)A4322
Irrigation tray (A4320)A4320
Knee control condylar pad (L2810)L2810
Knee orth pos locking joint (L1831)L1831
Ko adj jnt pos r sup pre cst (L1832)L1832
Ko adj jnt pos r sup pre ots (L1833)L1833
Ko double upright pre cst (L1845)L1845
Ko double upright prefab ots (L1852)L1852
Ko elastic w/joints pre ots (L1812)L1812
Ko immob canvas long pre ots (L1830)L1830
Ko rigid w/o joints pre ots (L1836)L1836
Ko single upright pre cst (L1843)L1843
Ko single upright prefab ots (L1851)L1851
Ko swedish type pre ots (L1850)L1850
Lambswool sheepskin pad (E0189)E0189
Lancet device each (A4258)A4258
Lancets per box (A4259)A4259
Levalbuterol non-comp unit (J7614)J7614
Lightweight wheelchair (K0003)K0003
Lo flex l1-below l5 pre ots (L0625)L0625
Lo rig pos pnl l1-l5 pre ots (L0641)L0641
Lo sag ri an/pos pnl pre cst (L0627)L0627
Lso sag ctr rigi pos pre ots (L0643)L0643
Lso sag r an/pos pnl pre cst (L0631)L0631
Lso sag r an/pos pnl pre ots (L0648)L0648
Lso sag-co shell pnl pre ots (L0651)L0651
Lso sc r ant/pos pnl pre cst (L0637)L0637
Lso sc r ant/pos pnl pre ots (L0650)L0650
Lso sc r pos/lat pnl pre ots (L0649)L0649
Lt compres band <3"/yd (A6448)A6448
Lt compres band >3" <5"/yd (A6449)A6449
Lt compres band =>5"/yd (A6450)A6450
Lube sterile packet (A4332)A4332
Lubricant per ounce (A4402)A4402
Male external catheter (A4326)A4326
Male vacuum erection system (L7900)L7900
Manual adult wc w tiltinspac (E1161)E1161
Mastectomy bra (L8000)L8000
Mastectomy form (L8020)L8020
Mod compres band w>=3"<5"/yd (A6451)A6451
Moveable patient lift system (E0639)E0639
Mult den insert dir carv/cam (A5514)A5514
Multi den insert custom mold (A5513)A5513
Multi den insert direct form (A5512)A5512
Multi-axial ankle/ft prosth (L5979)L5979
Multi-axial rotation unit (L5986)L5986
Nasal application device (A7034)A7034
Nebulizer with compression (E0570)E0570
Neg pres wound ther drsg set (A6550)A6550
Neg press wound therapy pump (E2402)E2402
Non-pneum walk boot pre cst (L4386)L4386
Non-sterile gloves (A4927)A4927
Non-waterproof tape (A4450)A4450
Oropharyngeal suction cath (A4628)A4628
Orthoped ladies shoes dpth i (L3216)L3216
Orthopedic mens shoes dpth i (L3221)L3221
Os pch urine w bar/fange/tap (A4432)A4432
Ost pch clsd w barrier/filtr (A4416)A4416
Ost pch drain for barrier fl (A4425)A4425
Ost pch drain w bar & filter (A4424)A4424
Ost pch drain/barr lk flng/f (A4427)A4427
Ost pch for bar w flange/flt (A4419)A4419
Ost pch for bar w lk fl/fltr (A4423)A4423
Ost pch w bar/bltinconv/fltr (A4417)A4417
Ost skn barr convex <=4 sq i (A4409)A4409
Ost skn barr w/o conv >4 sqi (A4415)A4415
Ost skn barrier sld ext wear (A4385)A4385
Ost sknbar w/o conv<=4 sq in (A4414)A4414
Ostomy belt (A4367)A4367
Ostomy pouch liq deodorant (A4394)A4394
Other manual wheelchair/base (K0009)K0009
Oxygen concentrator (E1390)E1390
Pad band w>=3" <5"/yd (A6441)A6441
Parenteral sol > 100gm prote (B4199)B4199
Parenteral sol 52-73 gm prot (B4193)B4193
Parenteral sol 74-100 gm pro (B4197)B4197
Patient lift bathroom or toi (E0625)E0625
Patient lift hydraulic (E0630)E0630
Patient lift sling or seat (E0621)E0621
Patient transfer system <300 (E1035)E1035
Patient transfer system >300 (E1036)E1036
Pectin based ostomy paste (A4406)A4406
Phototherapy light w/ photom (E0202)E0202
Planar back for ped size wc (E2291)E2291
Planar seat for ped size wc (E2292)E2292
Pneum compres w/cal pressure (E0652)E0652
Pneum compressor segmental (E0651)E0651
Pneuma compresor non-segment (E0650)E0650
Pneumatic appliance full arm (E0665)E0665
Pneumatic appliance full leg (E0660)E0660
Pneumatic appliance half arm (E0655)E0655
Pneumatic appliance half leg (E0666)E0666
Pneumatic compression device (E0675)E0675
Portable 02 contents, gas (E0443)E0443
Portable 02 contents, liquid (E0444)E0444
Portable gas oxygen system (K0738)K0738
Portable gaseous 02 (E0431)E0431
Portable liquid 02 (E0434)E0434
Portable oxygen concentrator (E1392)E1392
Pos airway press headgear (A7035)A7035
Pos airway pressure filter (A7038)A7038
Pos airway pressure tubing (A7037)A7037
Pos back post/lat wdth <22in (E2615)E2615
Position back cush wd <22in (E2613)E2613
Position wc cush wdth <22 in (E2605)E2605
Pouch drainable w barrier at (A5061)A5061
Pov group 1 hd 301-450 lbs (K0801)K0801
Pov group 1 std up to 300lbs (K0800)K0800
Power operated vehicle (E1230)E1230
Powered pres-redu air mattrs (E0277)E0277
Press pad alternating w/ pum (E0181)E0181
Press supp vent invasive int (E0463)E0463
Press supp vent noninv int (E0464)E0464
Pt support & positioning sys (E0636)E0636
Pwc gp 1 std cap chair (K0816)K0816
Pwc gp 1 std port cap chair (K0814)K0814
Pwc gp 1 std port seat/back (K0813)K0813
Pwc gp 1 std seat/back (K0815)K0815
Pwc gp 2 hd cap chair (K0825)K0825
Pwc gp 2 std cap chair (K0823)K0823
Pwc gp 2 std port cap chair (K0821)K0821
Pwc gp 2 std port seat/back (K0820)K0820
Pwc gp 2 std seat/back (K0822)K0822
Pwc gp 3 hd seat/back (K0850)K0850
Pwc gp 3 std seat/back (K0848)K0848
Pwc gp2 std sing pow opt cap (K0836)K0836
Pwc gp2 std sing pow opt s/b (K0835)K0835
Pwc gp3 hd mult pow opt s/b (K0862)K0862
Pwc gp3 std mult pow opt s/b (K0861)K0861
Pwc gp3 std sing pow opt s/b (K0856)K0856
Pwr seat combo pwr shear (E1008)E1008
Pwr seat combo w/o shear (E1006)E1006
Pwr seat combo w/shear (E1007)E1007
Pwr seat recline mech (E1004)E1004
Pwr seat recline pwr (E1005)E1005
Pwr seat tilt (E1002)E1002
Rad w/backup non inv intrfc (E0471)E0471
Rad w/o backup non-inv intfc (E0470)E0470
Rec cath man pump enema repl (A4453)A4453
Replacement facemask interfa (A7031)A7031
Replacement nasal cushion (A7032)A7032
Residual limb support system (E1020)E1020
Rigid wheeled walker adj/fix (E0141)E0141
Seat lift for pt furn-electr (E0628)E0628
Seat lift mech, electric any (E0627)E0627
Seat lift mech, non-electric (E0629)E0629
Seg pneumatic appl full arm (E0668)E0668
Seg pneumatic appl full leg (E0667)E0667
Seg pneumatic appli half leg (E0669)E0669
Segmental pneumatic chest (E0657)E0657
Segmental pneumatic trunk (E0656)E0656
Self-adher band >=5"/yd (A6455)A6455
Self-adher band w <3"/yd (A6453)A6453
Self-adher band w>=3" <5"/yd (A6454)A6454
Seo mobile arm sup att to wc (E2626)E2626
Shank ft w vert load pylon (L5987)L5987
Sio flex pelvic/sacr pre ots (L0621)L0621
Skin barrier powder per oz (A4371)A4371
Skin barrier with flange (A4373)A4373
Skin barrier, wipe or swab (A5120)A5120
Skin pro/pos wc cus wd <22in (E2607)E2607
Skin pro/pos wc cus wd>=22in (E2608)E2608
Skin protect wc cus wd <22in (E2603)E2603
Skin protect wc cus wd>=22in (E2604)E2604
Skin seal protect moisturizr (A6250)A6250
So acro/clav can web pre ots (L3670)L3670
Solid skin barrier (A4362)A4362
Solid skin barrier 6x6 (A5121)A5121
Standard wheelchair (K0001)K0001
Static or dynami afo pre cst (L4396)L4396
Stationary liquid 02 (E0439)E0439
Stationary o2 contents, liq (E0442)E0442
Sterile gauze <= 16 sq in (A6402)A6402
Sterile water/saline, 10 ml (A4216)A4216
Straight tip urine catheter (A4351)A4351
Suction pump portab hom modl (E0600)E0600
Sup/ext non-ins inf pump syr (K0552)K0552
Supp non-insulin inf cath/wk (A4221)A4221
Supply/accessory/service (A9900)A9900
Synthetic sheepskin pad (E0188)E0188
Tens four lead (E0730)E0730
Tens suppl 2 lead per month (A4595)A4595
Tens two lead (E0720)E0720
Ther cgm receiver/monitor (K0554)K0554
Ther cgm supply allowance (K0553)K0553
Tlso 4mod sacro-scap pre (L0464)L0464
Tlso flex trnk sj-ss pre cst (L0456)L0456
Tlso flex trnk sj-ss pre ots (L0457)L0457
Tlso flex trnk sj-t9 pre ots (L0455)L0455
Tlso flex trunk/thor pre ots (L0450)L0450
Tlso r fram soft pre ots (L0467)L0467
Tlso rig fram pelvic pre ots (L0469)L0469
Tracheal suction tube (A4624)A4624
Tracheostomy inner cannula (A4623)A4623
Tracheostomy tube collar (A7526)A7526
Transparent film <= 16 sq in (A6257)A6257
Transport chair, ped size (E1037)E1037
Tubing used w suction pump (A7002)A7002
U1 sealed leadacid battery (E2365)E2365
Ultralightweight wheelchair (K0005)K0005
Urinary cath leg strap (A4334)A4334
Urinary leg bag (A5112)A5112
Urinary leg or abdomen bag (A4358)A4358
Urinary pouch w ex wear barr (A4391)A4391
Urinary pouch w st wear barr (A4392)A4392
Urinary pouch w/barrier (A5071)A5071
Urine ost pch bar w lock fln (A4433)A4433
Urine pch w ex wear bar conv (A4393)A4393
Vol control vent invasiv int (E0450)E0450
Vol control vent noninv int (E0461)E0461
W/c component-accessory nos (K0108)K0108
W/ch access det adj armrest (E0973)E0973
Walker folding adjust/fixed (E0135)E0135
Walker folding wheeled w/o s (E0143)E0143
Walker variable wheel resist (E0147)E0147
Water circ heat pad w pump (E0217)E0217
Waterproof tape (A4452)A4452
Whfo w/o joints pre cst (L3807)L3807
Wound filler dry form / gram (A6262)A6262
Wound pouch each (A6154)A6154

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